Thursday, September 28, 2006

Puyo Pop Fever - Not Completed

Tetris stormed the world at one time and I am not sure the Japanese were thrilled this game didn’t come from them. So they made Puyo Pop Fever, the game essential is a Tetris clone with game play changes. The blobs you are given can come in sets of two, three, and four. One of the largest differences is that you’re matching colors and not trying to just get a line across. This makes for interesting game play and allows you to create chains. Four of this color is removed and the blobs drop and make another four to create a chain. Which I found to be challenging and entertaining.

The single player mode is always against a computer opponent. When you clear so many blobs it drops them on your opponents stack as white blobs. These blobs are removed when a set of four is cleared above or around them. The end of the game is when your blobs get so congested they reach the top of the screen.

This game is colorful and has solid game play. For an on the go puzzler I think I enjoyed this more then lumines. The music selection lacks a little bit and I did not explore all of the available play modes, so it did seem to lack a bit of content. They extra play modes might add ten times the entertainment value.

Game is definitely 7 out of 10. Good game and solid game play, however it just didn’t hold my attention and have me coming back for more.


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