Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Smart Bomb - Not Completed

There are few things in games that absolutely drive me insane. One of them is puzzle games that rely on timers to gauge the difficulty of the game. Another little attribute games have I don’t care for is having a high difficulty and no save points forcing you to redo certain areas you have already completed over and over again.

With hat said this game is based on both of these features per say. The bombs have multiple switches that you have to solve in order to switch it off. After completing five out of six sequences you’re suddenly stumped on the last sequence and run out of time. Boom you’re done and well you get to start over again. Now you can start out with any part of the bomb, and work on that multiple times until you get it. But after every failure you get the luxury of watching yourself be blow to pieces. Now don’t forget this is all happening as you hear siren type sounds as your count down timer clicks away.

This game for me was not enjoyable at all. I have enjoyed puzzle games in the past. But this one was just a total let down.

Give it 4 out of 10. The game looks nice and is a great concept for a puzzle game. But the playability is so low it’s not even worth renting.


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