Sunday, October 28, 2007

Superman Returns – Completed

If you’re a gamer like me and you think of Superman, your mind will drift back to the 90’s and memory off the complete disaster Superman 64 is. When this title came up I avoided it like the plague until finding it fairly cheap on eBay. Curious I went to meta critic and saw the score was not disastrously low. By no means game of the year but a few people said it was playable. With the idea that the game is sandbox and you’re able to fly around metropolis, well I opted to pay the $12 and see for myself.

There are plenty of bad reviews out there, this is not going to be one of them. I would prefer to only touch briefly on the bad and focus on the good.

Flying has to be one of the best aspects of the game. You start out slow and can press a button to fly faster, and at some point you break the sound barrier and a sonic boom is emitted. Now when traveling at super sonic speeds the controls are a little squirrely, in my opinion this is as it should be since your flying at 500 mph. At now time did I really feel out of control. The use of powers, cold breath, laser eyes, and blowing giant gusts of wind are easily used and fairly entertaining. The one thing I had hope for that was not included was X-ray vision. Thinking through what the developer would have needed to do in order to have the special vision I can understand why I was left out. Each of the three powers has two different modes, normal and burst. With burst it store up and release the power in a large blow. The concept is sound but I generally found its inaccuracy made it ineffective during the game.

Strangely enough the game has cut scenes that associate it with the movie. I will be honest and say I skipped over all the cut scenes and there never seemed to be anything in the game play that would tie it to the movie, I could be wrong yet I don’t feel the need to go and find out.

If you like sand box super hero games then give it a shot, the game is cheap and fun. I will forewarn you that it is very repetitive. The boss battles make it worth the play.

Give it 7 out of 10, love sandbox super hero games, achievements were challenging with out frustrating me.

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