Sunday, November 18, 2007

Area 51 – Completed

Time to shoot some aliens and the added bonus, David Duchovny narrates the entire game! The plot is fairly simple, your going to Area 51 to contain an outbreak of some sorts. What ever had been released is turning normal humans into super solider zombies with bad aim and a blood lust.

At first it seems like a squad based shooter and you have little to no interaction with your team mates other then they randomly shoot enemies. Then of course the plot twist kills them all off, luckily its fast enough that you don’t develop an emotional attachment. As the game moves on your character gets infected and has essentially the ability to turn the mutant powers on and off. The mutant powers are fueled by killing, the more you kill the longer the meter stays full. This is a nice feature, yet I found I would barely use it other then to identify invisible enemies or to slow time down if there was an excess of enemies.

The weapons are nothing to get overly excited about. There is one rifle that has regenerating ammo (an energy weapon). When games have this it’s almost a sense of relief because you constantly don’t have to worry about ammo consumption because you always have a backup.

The game for me was 7 out of 10. Some portions felt a little glitchy, but the story was tolerable and the game play was decent.

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