Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Starship Troopers – Completed

This is not really a new game, I just finally got around to getting it and playing it. Being a fan of the movie finding out there was a game really sparked my interest. The nature of the gaming being you get to annihilate numerous amounts of bugs. The game does seem to be true to the story of the movie, including propaganda that includes excerpts from the movie.

First thing I noticed was it ran fairly choppy, being as my machine can run HL2 smooth as slick this annoyed me. After setting all the graphics to low and getting through the first level the game leveled out and was much more playable. Strangely enough I found that it even looked better with the graphics turned down. Also the graphical settings did not affect the look and feel of fighting the bugs. That is if you don’t mind graphics slightly superior to Quake 3.

There is a great weapon selection, everything from a rifle that never runs out of ammo to a nuke launcher. Sadly the nuke launcher was not mobile or used more then once, something about carrying around a WMD gets me all giggly. Ammo is fairly abundant and due to the infinite supply to the base rifle I never felt John McLane’s two bullet frustration. On the final boss I was reduced to using the base rifle since all my rounds were expended getting to him. It was probably the one instance in the game where they did not supply you at all.

If you have an older PC and liked the movie, give the game a try. If you’re more cutting edge graphics then you won’t find it that enjoyable.

I give it 6 out of 10.

brooklyn naval shipyard