Thursday, November 08, 2007

Half life 2 Episode 2 – Completed

At first I did what I could to boycott this game, yet with my 360 out of commission I found I had little to do. Evidently the mass amounts of games and consoles I own could not feed my lust. I broke down and purchased orange box. The new episode was not mind blowing or revolutionary, it was just 4 hours of game play continuing on what we already know. This took them quite sometime to release. I contribute the expenditure of time to marketing and making money. They could lump in portal and TF2 to try and milk us for out money. Then they completely over price the episode, letting the players know they would just be completely stupid for buying any of the individual pieces to save money. Now with your purchase you get a cope of Half life 2 and Episode 1. You can gift these to people for them to play since you purchased them a long time ago and valve wants you to feel like your getting your moneys worth since your just buying two games you already bought. Mine went to a guy in our QA lab, he had never played Half life or Half life 2. Upon reception of the game I felt good about the excitement he felt. Though while waiting for episode 3 I am sure he will curse my name.

Portal – Completed

A new device that could change the face of gaming, yea right go look up “grappling hook” that piece of equipment worked much better when programmers allowed you to use it. Don’t get me wrong portal was cute and entertaining, I still crave cake after playing it. Yet it just seems like a gimmick, now had they let me play through Half life 2 with the device, I probably would have wet myself. But alas you get to listen to the computer which is really intent on ending your existence. The whole game became worth while as I loaded the portal song to my phone as a ring tone. Took me about two hours to beat the normal levels and an hour for the advanced ones.

I have said this before and I do not really enjoy repeating myself, but don’t buy this go buy BioShock. Seriously not worth the cash unless you have never played or do not own Half life 2. Also TF2 is just TF1 with new graphics, I don’t attract to shiny things like most I guess.

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