Thursday, November 22, 2007

Cabela’s Trophy Bucks – Completed

After playing African safari I had fairly high hopes for all the other hunting games that would find there way to 360. Then Alaskan adventures doused my hopes and this game helped very little to change my mind. I am not going to go into a lot of detail because hunting games all have the same premise. Just how it is delivered, Alaskan adventures was confusing and got frustrating. Trophy bucks is very straight forward as to what you need to hunt. But lacks completely on letting you know how you should hunt. Case in point, there is a turkey shooting level. I was unable to get better then a bronze medal because the turkeys become like Sherman tanks once you fire a single shot. I literally had to run up and put the gun to the back of there head to kill them. Please anyone show me turkeys that can with stand a 12 gauge from 20 feet let alone 5.

Another issue I found was with the achievements, if you don’t do them right away there is absolutely no way to go back and work on hunts you failed. This is flawed in my opinion, if a person wants to practice or work on particular hunts they do not have the options.

The game is defiantly 4 out of 10. Some decent achievements that are not terribly hard to get. Expect some stress if you want to 1k it.

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