Saturday, November 24, 2007

Conan – Completed

Blood, limb chopping, and boobies is this game in a nutshell. Yet we man hunt 2 gets banned for violence. One of the achievements for this game is to dismember 500 people. This includes head and limb chopping, and even cutting someone in half. In man hunt 2 it shows you strangling someone for a brief moment, but in Conan you tear apart 10 people in a row and save a damsel who’s barely wearing underwear and welcomes your rescue with a provocative comment such as “Crush me with your love”.

But all that is besides the point, the game is a linear hack and slash with a decent plot. Through the game you get runes which allow you to upgrade new moves and chop just a little stronger with your cleaver. First thing that came to my mind was a God of War clone and its not half bad. Graphics are a touch lack luster in comparison to some games, but you get distracted by the nudity enough to not notice.

The game does bring back some epic boss battles with a new feature that I absolutely love. If the boss has 7 phases, there is a check point between each one. If you die you drop back right where you started. None of this Zelda crappy of fighting for an hour to die and have to do it all again. It does make it easier, yet honestly if I beat that part give me the credit for it, makes me no less of a gamer.

For me I did enjoy the game, however I still qualify it 6 out of 10. Not really next gen and a little repetitive. Yet I have no regrets for playing it.

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