Saturday, November 24, 2007

Solider of Fortune: Payback – Completed

The third installment of this FPS, both of its predecessors were very good games. Sad to say the same is not true for this rendition of it. The game graphically is very appealing and it functions fairly well. But sadly it does suffer some issues, first would be the game is short. If you tear through it might be 3 hours long. Secondly the AI is crazy in the game and has a tendency to spawn behind you in sections you have cleared previously. The boss battles seem to be unlike most FPS games. If your fighting a single man he should not be able to take ten 50 cal shots to his body and not perish. The one boss that was functional was in a helicopter that you had to shoot down. When fighting the final level most of the enemies have shot guns and are one shot one kill. If you do not conserve your grenades properly good luck finishing the level. The biggest glitch this game suffers is the check points that are not labeled correctly to tell you how to continue. I spent a good 30 mins online trying to find out how to blow up this concrete barrier because the game didn’t show the explosive position let alone tell me what the objective was. My only suggestion would be to tap B when facing the red check point circles. This was immensely frustrating.

Other then those things the game is fun to play. It was kind of like Conan with tearing of limbs of and the exploding heads. Your mainly fight terrorist organizations in the first few levels and finish off fighting some Germans… I think. The story is pretty thin, yet the commentary can be comical.

Gave is 6 out of 10, want decent graphics and normal shooter then it would be enjoyable. But I would add it to my list of “Play BioShock before this”.

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