Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Kane & Lynch – Completed

There are two things I took away from this game, cussing is a corner stone and if you fail once try, try, try again. It seems the staple for the entire dialog is based on the F-word along with some other choice phrases. When it comes to the game play you will fail, often. When you fail the only thing you can do is hope for the best and keep tying, bet you can’t guess how annoying that got.

To top it off aim is annoyingly difficult until you get use to how it works and even then there are times you wonder how skilled the mercenary you are controlling is. At one instance you have to shot the window out of a moving vehicle. You have an MP5 and when you fire more then two bullets the gun raises. It occurs to me that any one with training would be able to maintain the level of control over there weapon for more then two shots. When it came to hitting a small moving object you get the pleasure of trying it many times.

Graphically the game to me almost looks like everything has a clear coat on it, gives it a nice shine. It seems to me that games over two years old were more capable of realism then this. I will admit the modeling and environments were well done and the environment reactions were actually pretty cool. Just had to shoot through the clear coat in order to get it!

The AI is pretty much useless, not to mention Lynch curses you any time you give him an order. The soldiers who fight with you will aim in a general direction and fire, but they lack any precision. Despite your teams lack of abilities the enemies have a pretty deadly aim. They included a small system to swap guns with your guys, since they never seem to run out of ammo like you it was great handing them all SAW’s and watching the hale of gun fire. This would not be a bad feature to see in other games.

Finally you are posed with a moral choice at the end of the game. Nothing to the caliber of BioShock where you hold a small child’s life in your hands. But if you so choose you can play and extra level against decent odds, that is if you were not already sick of the game and wanted to end it or move on and let your friends die. Nice thing about this choice is if you drop back to the save and choose the other path you are able to get the achievement.

Game was 5 out of 10. Guess its worth a rental if you don’t have much else to do, a good portion of the achievements are online, graphics kind of suck, and well the game play with hard aiming sucks.

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