Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Ace Combat 6 – Completed

This is my second take on an ace combat game, the first being the PSP version. Luckily as with most 360 games the controls for this game are great and make it playable. Something I want to get out right now is after finishing this game I was really inclined to keep playing. Now there are some achievements to be had, but honestly the game is fun!

With a great assortment of planes and weapons you can earn it seems like limitless possibilities when going into an encounter. When I finally sat and watched the briefing instead of just trying to destroy everything, well I was much better equipped to handle the battles. The battles have a decent range of air and ground combat. Though at times ground combat can prove to be fairly tedious and the SAM missiles have a tendency to hit you even when you don’t think they are close enough.

Now there is some sort of a story associated with this, I changed a setting and the cut scenes only had subtitles and no voice. Not being able to hear them I would just skip over them. I came to the conclusion they had to do with a girl and some kids. They assist you in the last mission with vital information. Outside of that I can only comment on your wing mans whining through out the game. I really wanted him to STFU, its war deal with it.

Game was a solid 8 out of 10. Fun game play, good graphics, just enough different missions to keep you playing to the end.

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