Sunday, November 25, 2007

Cabela’s Big Game Hunter – Completed

Oh Alas a hunting game I will honestly recommend to anyone, achievement whores or not. If you like shooting shit this is a quick and fun game for it! Its straight forward, has objectives, wants you to win the game, you can spend 6 hours on it for achievements or bust through the entire thing in an hour and a half (At least if you played through it once and know where everything is). Its not nearly as in depth or dynamic as African Safari. Its fairly simple and required some skill to get through the game. It actually has BOSS battles that are tricky! So if you like hunting games I totally recommend it, African Safari will always be number one, but this is a good second place holder to keep you form playing Trophy Bucks or Alaskan Adventures.

For me game is 6 out of 10, its short but fun and I probably would not be playing it if I had something better to do.

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